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What will you do with our yarns?

About Woolyarns

At Woolyarns, we focus on getting the most out of the finest fibres we source. We produce luxurious natural fibre yarns that no-one else can: custom made to inspire great textile manufacturers like you to make market-leading high-fashion, products.

Find out more about our cashmere manufacturing, possum yarn manufacturing, and Woolyarns.

Our Facilities

Our luxury woollen spun yarns are customised. That’s the value we add and that’s why we offer additional services and facilities to ensure you get the most out of the high-fashion knitwear, apparel and weaving yarns that you require.

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What is a new Zealand
BrUshtail Possum?

The brushtail possum fibre used in our fine
spun yarns are responsibly sourced from
carefully selected New Zealand regions.


Woolyarns constantly strives to innovate. We work closely with customers both pre- and post-sale, drawing on our vast machinery and product knowledge and our working knowledge of specialised finishing techniques to ensure you can deliver products that are truly market leading. Learn more about our many different innovations.

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