As yarn engineers, we bring precision, passion and creativity to our work. We love to discover. We apply what we know to address what we don’t. We relentlessly test the boundaries and push our thinking to consistently deliver products that will excite and inspire you. Everything is customised. That’s the value we add.

We love precision

We bring significant technical expertise to our work. We really understand fibres. Just as importantly, we understand the yarn manufacturing process. We customise our deliveries to the specifications and capabilities of your machines. We make it our business to come to your factory, to roll up our sleeves, lean in and look carefully at every aspect of your equipment. We want to find out everything we can about what you’re making and how you’re doing so.

We’re searching for details. We draw on what we know and what we recognise. We ask. Then we make for what we find. That’s why our yarns will match your needs exactly.

We never stop improving

We refine and we refine and we refine and we refine. We are constantly upgrading our own machinery to make our counts finer, to produce more even yarns, to lift quality, to improve efficiency, to increase productivity. We judge our technology against the highest industry standards for woollen spinning… and like true engineers, we keep looking for better answers, and finding them. Those things are important to us. What really matters for you though is that this relentless search for improvement shows in the products we deliver to your door.

We never settle

Our goal is to be the finest yarn engineers in the world. We don’t compromise. We don’t just fill an order. We don’t visit you to sell stock items. We come to investigate, to strengthen relationships, to solve problems and talk about your plans. It’s all about working closely, specifically and until everything is sorted out. We judge our success on our reliability. If you give us a problem, we’ll solve it. If you show us a colour, we’ll match it.


The Brushtail possum is a notified pest in New Zealand. The species was introduced into New Zealand during the 19th century. It thrived in the country’s forests and the population exploded.

Every year, possums cause immense harm to the country’s natural flora and fauna. Possum control programmes are in place to try and protect native trees, plants and birdlife. The fibre we source is a by-product of those eradication programmes. It is collected from a small number of carefully selected regions and only at certain times of the year. We blend it with only the finest microns of merino or cashmere to guarantee softness and consistency.