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Your need is real... Luckily your possibilities are infinite

You’re under pressure, we understand that. Everyone is demanding the new idea, the next thing.

At Woolyarns, we find luxurious potential by asking the questions that others don’t and searching for materials where no-one else has thought to look. We focus on getting the most out of the yarns we source. No wonder our search takes us to unexpected places. Callibra proves what a demanding spirit and leading R&D can achieve.

Open minds help us discover what’s possible

We’re driven by quality. Woolyarns’ yarn engineers take the finest worsted and other fine natural and synthetic fibres that apparel makers wouldn’t automatically associate with clothes to engineer impeccably made or blended Callibra yarns that will inspire you as a textile maker.

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Callibra Yarns Specifications

100% Merino Yarns

  • 1/70 Nm – 2/18 Nm
  • 19 mic
  • 21 mic
  • Organic

Blended Yarns

  • 1/70 Nm – 2/18 Nm
  • Merino/Silk
  • Merino/Linen
  • Merino/Nylon

Specialty Yarns

  • 1/90 Nm – 2/18 Nm
  • Pearl fibre yarns
  • Silk fibre yarns
  • Mohair fibre yarns

Minimums: 150 kg per colour.
Sample orders of 50 kg can be produced at a 25% surcharge.
Delivery: 8 weeks ex works from confirmation of colour and receipt of order.
Payment terms: Please enquire at time of order.


If you're looking to make truly magical and unique fabrics, the possiblities are endless. 

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