First to see the light

Perino is a series of firsts for the senses. So soft, it floats like mist along the body’s horizon. So light, it creates volume without the weight. So warm, you can be minimal with maximum impact. Like a hazy silhouette at sunrise, garments have a distinctive halo-like layer which, with almost no-pilling, leave an impression to last a lifetime. As accepting of colour as the sky and as versatile as any imagination, Perino is a world of firsts, that won’t be your last.

Perino Cirrus


40% Cashmere, 40% Brushtail Possum Down, 20% Mulberry Silk

Perino Nimbus


65% Fine Merino, 25% Brushtail Possum Down and 10% Mulberry Silk

Perino Alto


70% Fine ZQ Merino, 30% Brushtail Possum Down