La differenza Perino

Perino vuol dire una serie di primati per i sensi. Così morbida da librarsi come nebbia sull'orizzonte del corpo. Così leggera da creare volume senza peso. Così calda da ottenere il massimo risultato con il minimo ingombro. Come una silhouette caliginosa all'alba, questi capi hanno un caratteristico strato simile ad un'aura che non produce pressoché nessun pilling e dà la sensazione di poter durare per sempre.

Tutela e protezione

Sagoma della Nuova Zelanda

La popolazione di opossum in Nuova Zelanda è stimata in circa 30 milioni di esemplari.

Sagome di vari esemplari di fauna neozelandese

L’opossum consuma 21 mila tonnellate ogni 24 ore.

Sagoma di felci

Numerose specie di uccelli autoctoni, tra i quali l'amatissimo kiwi neozelandese, rischiano la distruzione del loro habitat e l'invasione dei loro nidi da parte degli opossum.

Cosa Facciamo

Fur Fashion is limitless in 2017 – what have we learnt?

Fur fashion has hit the headlines again recently with Gucci stopping the use of fur in their future collections. Despite this, there was fur trends in abundance in the fashion capitals in the latest season of fashion shows and varying opinions about fur throughout the media. Are all furs created… Read More

Perino yarns are symbiotic to the Chinese luxury market 

In September, our Perino team was in China for SpinExpo China, a world renowned textile trade show. It was inspiring to learn more about China’s luxury market and how Perino can provide our unique yarns to luxury designers in China. The luxury goods industry in China has evolved over recent years, as… Read More

Streetwear, Gorpcore and Outdoor Luxury

Streetwear brands have built large followings and now influence fashion industry trends. Last month we discussed trends emerging from international textile trade events in Europe. This week we unpack the potential for streetwear brands to learn from outdoor adventure-wear brands. ‘Gorpcore’ is a streetwear trend influenced by outdoor brands such as Patagonia and North Face. This trend is elevating adventure-wear to luxury status and can… Read More

New Zealand Made products add integrity to collections  

New Zealand textile manufacturing has much to offer to designers both internationally and within New Zealand. New Zealand is a small country with big values, one being a dedication to high quality, well made production. In NZ manufacturing, the term “New Zealand Made”, is an emblem of high quality craftsmanship, support… Read More

Textile Trends Emerge at Industry Trade Shows 

Textile trade events attract designers and buyers for inspiration, introduction to textile trends and networking possibilities. Pitti Filati 81 was one of these world renowned events, taking place on the 28th of June for a three day show. 5350 buyers, designers and trade members descended into the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy. Textile representations from 15 different countries were shown in an impressive display… Read More

The Power of the Millennial Buyer on Luxury Culture

There is a lot of discussion in the media and online about the millennial generation, how they interact with luxury brands and the effects of consumer changes within the generation. We have touched on the age of the internet and quality over quantity in past blog posts which are important factors for consumers within this demographic. The changes… Read More

Perino introduces Fall Winter 2018/19

Fall Winter 18/19, a new collection of colours   In Florence and Shanghai this year Perino by Woolyarns will reveal an exquisite new colour collection for Fall Winter 2018/19. Inspiration for these colours is drawn from international fashion trends – The vibrant strands of mauve are cut by striking scarlet… Read More

The Season of New Zealand Made Luxury Knitwear

New Zealanders have a unique story, we are passionate people, obsessed with nature and with locally made products. New Zealand fashion is no different, designers and consumers alike are enthusiastic about supporting New Zealand made products.   This season, as New Zealand rolls into colder months,… Read More

Traditional textiles influence the international fashion industry

Skilled textile craftsmanship and traditional artisanal makers are a huge part of the fashion industry. With specialised expertise, they manufacture fabrics and garments, create embellishments and historically have provided inspiration to designers all over the world. In every culture there are different traditional textile crafts and ways of making that are… Read More

Technology leads us to the future of the fashion industry

We are always inspired and astounded at the constant development of technology moving the fashion industry into a more efficient and creative future. Refining and developing manufacturing processes allows designers limitless possibility. The ever growing digital world opens up new opportunities, both in the creative process and the way we… Read More

The evolution, spectacle and future of the fashion show

The fashion show has come a long way since its humble beginnings in European hotels and ateliers, where designers hosted exclusive viewings for the fashion elite. With the rise of the internet and social media, fashion collections are more accessible than ever, forcing designers to push the boundaries of their… Read More

A what to wear fibre guide for the sensitive fashion victim

Have you ever experienced discomfort wearing wool against your skin? There are many myths and theories when it comes to wool allergies, however, research has concluded wool is not an allergen. Choosing high quality, natural fibres with a low micron count is better for people with sensitive skin. It is… Read More

NZ’s Obsession with Native Wildlife

New Zealanders are incredibly spoilt when it comes to native wildlife. It is inherently part of the culture, making New Zealanders passionate about their native plants and animals. Due to the isolation of New Zealand, after splitting from other land mass, the wildlife was left to evolve with no predators… Read More

Sustainability ingrained in the modern fashion tertiary curriculum

It is no surprise that with ongoing research and the current scientific outlook on our environment and climate change, international tertiary providers would include sustainability and ethics in their curriculums. With the textile and fashion industries listed amongst the top polluters globally, it is interesting to see the changes to… Read More

Perino’s Christmas Picks

Untouched World’s Kapua Loop Scarf. Image Source: Untouched World Untouched World Untouched World’s Kapua clothing collection uses Perino’s premium blend Cirrus – with 40% Brushtail Possum down, 40% Cashmere and 20% Silk. The collection includes gloves, hats and scarves as well as larger garments like cardigans and drapey wraps,… Read More

Winter luxe: knitwear essentials and artisanal innovations

As the weather gets warmer for us in the southern hemisphere, the cooler weather in the northern hemisphere calls for the savior of winter – the perfect, snuggly knit. Soft aesthetics and fabrics are antidotes to the blustering weather outside, bringing comfort and style to the wearer. This winter, designers… Read More

Fashion bloggers are a valuable cog in the international fashion system

From the humble beginnings of a place where individuals could express their unique style and a creative outlet on the side of their day job, blogs starting in the early to mid 2000’s. We could never have predicted the level to which they would rise in popularity and influence. The… Read More

A sustainable future for the fashion industry relies on value over volume

When we support brands that are creating high quality garments, we contribute to a more sustainable fashion future. With the sheer volume of current textile and fashion waste, changes in consumer patterns have the potential to lower the amount of waste on a global scale. High quality means superior fibres,… Read More

The Collab: Collaboration Is Key For The Fashion Industry In The Age Of Sharing

There’s always going to be someone that has something that you don’t – why not work with them? By collaborating on projects, businesses in the fashion and textile industries can further their customer reach, save money and create something magical by utilizing the skills of other professionals. Perino by… Read More

Modern Knitwear – Discover the New Possibilities

Hundreds of years of development has created limitless possibilities for modern knitwear designers. The combinations of yarn blends, knit structures and finishing techniques allow designers to create to their imagination’s content.   The simplicity and transportability of hand knitting made knitting a realistic way of making clothing for travelling cultures and early… Read More

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