The Trickle Down Effect of Sustainable Luxury

Attitudes about what we want from our products and brands are changing, with the influence of the environmental challenges we are facing all around the world. With those changes in consumption come changes in our supply, and the fashion industry is following suit. Luxury fashion brands are changing… Read More

Kate Middleton’s Brushtail Possum Mittens, More than Luxurious

More than ever, fashion brands are evaluating their use of sustainable and ethical practices, showing that consumers are asking about what really happens in the making of their clothes. This is leading to discussions and education about where clothes come from, what they are made out of and the triple… Read More

Is Perino the new Cashmere?

There is a new blend on the block that could be a game changer for international fashion designers. Perino by Woolyarns is a luxury blended yarn using fibre from the New Zealand brushtail possum. It’s created in a family owned yarn manufacturing mill in New Zealand and incorporates the… Read More

Welcome to Perino

Welcome to Perino’s new blog space! The Perino blog will be home to articles and interest pieces about our Perino collection, international fashion news and a behind the scenes look into New Zealand’s textile industry. Perino is designed in New Zealand, just outside of the capital city of Wellington, at… Read More