First to see the light

Perino is a series of firsts for the senses. So soft, it floats like mist along the body’s horizon. So light, it creates volume without the weight. So warm, you can be minimal with maximum impact. Like a hazy silhouette at sunrise, garments have a distinctive halo-like layer which, with almost no-pilling, leave an impression to last a lifetime. As accepting of colour as the sky and as versatile as any imagination, Perino is a world of firsts, that won’t be your last.

Yarn attribute #1: Breathable fabric

Possum fibres have a complex structure made up of a water holding interior, known as the cortex, and a water repelling exterior known as the cuticle. Sweat takes longer to condense into liquid, keeping the wearer more comfortable. At the same time the fibres are naturally shower repellent on the outside.

Yarn attribute #2:Soft to touch

The combination of the fibre scale structure and the unique finishing process required for fabrics containing possum fibre gives it a soft, light touch.

Yarn attribute #3: High performing, Lightweight insulation

The hollow structure of possum fibres means they can trap more air. Because air is a poor conductor of heat, the more air trapped within a fibre and the fibre structure, the more warmth it will retain for the wearer.
In independent tests, possum fibres were found to be 55% warmer than merino and 35% warmer than cashmere fabrics of the same weight and knit structure.

Yarn attribute #4: Low pilling

The scale structure of possum fibre combined with the unique surface effect of finished fabric ensures fabrics are less inclined to pill.